Boston Pizza Drink Menu

Are you curious about what refreshing beverages await you on the Boston Pizza Drink Menu? Wondering if they offer local craft beers or signature cocktails? Look no further!

In this guide, I’ll discuss Boston Pizza’s drink offerings, covering everything from signature cocktails to non-alcoholic options.

So, whether you’re planning a visit to your nearest Boston Pizza location this article is helpful for you.

Boston Pizza Drink Menu

Boston Pizza Drink Menu and Prices

Can of PopCAN$ 1.79
6Pk of 12oz PopCAN$ 8.39
Bottled Water 591mLCAN$ 2.89
Red Bull Energy DrinkCAN$ 5.19
Red Bull SugarfreeCAN$ 5.19
Fever Tree Ginger BeerCAN$ 4.39

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Boston Pizza Special Drink and Prices

DaySpecial DrinkPrice
100oz Team PitchersCAN$24.95
MondayTallboy CansCAN$4.42
Peller Estates Wine (6oz)CAN$4.42
TuedaySangria FishbowlsCAN$7.42
32oz SchoonersCAN$7.52
WeddaySelect HighballsCAN$3.97
Select BottlesCAN$3.97
Thursdays2oz HighballsCAN$3.97
Coronita BottlesCAN$3
Friday3oz Fishbowl CocktailsCAN$10.95
Premium PintsCAN$6

Boston Pizza Non-alcoholic Drinks Menu

Red Bull Sugarfree Energy DrinkCAN$4.99
Unicorn LemonadeCAN$4.49
Fruit JuiceCAN $4.49
Handcrafted LemonadeCAN$4.79
Red Bull Energy DrinkCAN $4.99
Chocolate MilkCAN$4.79
Handcrafted QuenchersCAN$4.79
Fever Tree Ginger Beer (200 ml)CAN$3.49

Boston Pizza Summer Sippin Menu

Wine NameSizePrice
Saintly Rose6 ozCAN$12.49
9 ozCAN$15.99
750 mlCAN$44.99
New Passion Fruit Quencher (Non-Alcoholic)CAN$4.79
New Tropical Hawaiian FishbowlCAN$15.99
New Passion-Fruit MuleCAN$9.49
New Summer Berry Red Bull FishbowlCAN$16.99

Boston Pizza Beverage Menu

Wine6 oz9 oz750ml
Jackson-Triggs ChardonnayCAN$7.99CAN$10.99CAN$29.99
Santa Margherita Pinot GrigioCAN$12.49CAN$15.99CAN$44.99
Jacob’s Creek MoscatoCAN$9.49CAN$12.49CAN$39.99
Jacob’s Creek Moscato RoséCAN$9.49CAN$12.49CAN$38.99
Kim Crawford Sauvignon BlancCAN$12.49CAN$15.99CAN$44.99

Boston Pizza Sangria Drink Menu

Sangria OptionIngredientsPrice
Glass1 oz spiritCAN$9.99
3 oz wine
Boston Size ItAdd 1 ozCAN$4.00
Pitcher3 oz spiritCAN$24.99
9 oz wine

Mixed Drinks Menu

1 oz Mixed DrinksCAN$6.99
Boston Size It (add 1 oz)CAN$4.00
1 oz Top Shelf Mixed DrinksCAN$9.29
Boston Size It (add 1 oz)CAN$4.00
1 oz Premium Mixed DrinksCAN$7.99
Boston Size It (add 1 oz)CAN$4.00

Cocktail Menu

Boston Sized

Boston Sized

Price: $4.00

Serving Size: 1 oz

Ingredients: This cocktail typically refers to a larger-sized cocktail, often served in a pint glass or similar.

Blue Mango Margarita

Blue Mango Margarita

Price: $10.49

Serving Size: 2 oz

Ingredients: El Jimador Tequila, Blue Curaçao, mango, lime, salt rim.

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz

Price: $10.49

Serving Size: 2 oz spirit, 3 oz wine

Ingredients: Aperol, sparkling white wine, soda, fresh orange slice.

Signature Caesar

Signature Caesar

Price: $7.99

Serving Size: 1 oz

Ingredients: Mott’s Clamato, Polar Ice Vodka, signature Caesar spices, Extreme Bean, pepperoni skewer, celery, lime, fully loaded spiced rimmer.

Twisted Rocket

Twisted Rocket

Price: $8.99

Serving Size: 1.25 oz

Ingredients: Absolut Raspberri Vodka, raspberry purée, frozen citrus slush, Blue Curaçao.

Peachy Mojito Royale

Peachy Mojito Royale

Price: $8.99

Serving Size: 1 oz spirit, 2 oz wine

Ingredients: Captain Morgan White Rum, lime, peach, mango, fresh mint, sparkling white wine.

New Passion Fruit Mule

New Passion Fruit Mule

Price: $9.49

Serving Size: 1 oz

Ingredients: Absolut Vodka, lime juice, passion fruit syrup, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, copper mug.

Final Words

The Boston Pizza Drink Menu offers a delightful array of beverage option that perfect complement your experience at Boston Pizza.

I encourage you to try something new and exciting on your next visit. With so many different option to select from, you are sure to finding the excellent drink to complement your meal and mood.

Thank you once again for reading and I hope you enjoy your next Boston Pizza dining experience!


What types of beverages are available on the Boston Pizza drink menu?

Boston Pizza offers a wide range of beverages, including alcoholic beverages, and non-alcoholic options like juices and sodas.

Can I find local craft beers on the drink menu?

Yes, many Boston Pizza locations feature a selection of local craft beers, allowing you to enjoy a taste of the region.

Are there special drinks for kids on the menu?

Boston Pizza provides kid-friendly drink options like fruit juices, milk, and soft drinks.

What kinds of cocktails are available at Boston Pizza?

You can expect a variety of classic and signature cocktails, such as margaritas, mojitos, and Boston Pizza’s own creations.

Are there any non-alcoholic mocktails available for designated drivers or non-drinkers?

Yes, Boston Pizza often has a selection of non-alcoholic mocktails with refreshing flavors for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

Is there a happy hour at Boston Pizza with discounted drinks?

Many Boston Pizza locations have happy hour specials, which may include discounts on select beverages during specific hours.

Do they offer gluten-free or low-sugar drink options?

Boston Pizza provides gluten-free and low-sugar drink options, such as gluten-free beer and diet sodas.

Can I get nutritional information for the drinks on the menu?

While Boston Pizza typically offers nutritional information for their food items, this information may not be available for all drinks.

Are there any unique or signature drinks that Boston Pizza is known for?

Some Boston Pizza locations offer signature cocktails or drinks unique to their menu, so be sure to explore these creative options.

Can I order drinks for takeout or delivery along with my food order?

Yes, you can often include drinks in your takeout or delivery order, making it convenient to enjoy your favorite beverages at home.


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